HDR Communications has embarked on a CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility initiative to match its work with its values


Innovation at the customer's service

At HDR, we have always made it a point of honor to integrate new technologies into our business so as to be in the air at the same time but above all to offer the best services to its customers while respecting its expectations.

Thus, the mutation of HDR Communications Has been carried out since its inception, beginning with the audiovisual world with the creation of local television channels and integrating progressively the world of the web with the creation of websites, mobile applications, portals VOD ... 
HDR Communications Has also for several years now integrated the field of dynamic display with the installation of screens and interactive terminals at its customers. The different activities of HDR Communications have the particularity of being complementary to each other, which can be offered individually or jointly enriching each other.

Our services are always carried out by an accompaniment With the client, listening to his needs , Working collaboratively with him And by providing solutions to achieve its objectives.

The Economic and Digital Development in Territories

Convinced of the importance of having a website for any organization and that it has become vital for companies and associations no matter how big they are on the Internet to perpetuate, we have orientated our work in this direction.

"It's hardly credible. In France, 42% of businesses with fewer than 1 employees still do not have a website (Opinionway-Priceminister-LaPoste Barometer, October 2014). A figure that even climbs to 75% in VSEs, those companies with less than 10 employees. " Challenges, October 2015

« 81% of French companies that went bankrupt in 2013 simply failed to bet on the Net, By not having a site and / or by not being present on the social networks " La Tribune, February 2014


icone valeur RSE développement économique et numériqueIn view of this, we strive to contribute to the success of our clients through the various achievements that we develop for them. In this spirit, we work together with our clients to provide them as close to their expectations and needs as possible, to give them the best chance of developing their business through the internet.


Beyond our commercial services, we carry out the creation or redesign of websites of small associations , Who play a leading role in society, who share our values ??and yet rarely have the financial resources to pay for the services of a web agency for the design of their website but whose use could nevertheless considerably improve their mission.

In the merchant sector, once a year, we organize a competition for the creation or redesign of an company's website , Some of its size and some activity, ranging from small village bakery to SMEs working in construction.


Training and Learning

Knowledge of the various digital tools is not innate, we offer each of our clients a training period during which one of our employees will come to train our client to the use of the tools and services we provide to him.

This accompanimentAims to give our client complete autonomy in our absence and that the latter can use the full performance of the tools we put at his disposal. However, we remain in support of any technical problems that may arise after the departure of our collaborator.

Training is not only the prerogative of our clients but is also aimed at the youngest. We regularly integrate young people in apprenticeship And on training within the limits of our capacity of reception fixed by the legislation in force. Apprenticeship and company missions are a real springboard for young people's access to the labor market , It was important for us to contribute by doing our part.


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