The Touch screen kiosk has become a symbol and tool in the digitalization of various host locations where it is installed, to satisfy public expectations in perpetual search of information and news.

Consumers insist more and more on improving  of the traditional customer service through new technology and want to live a fun customer experience when they do shopping.

91% customers like to be left alone in store, offering them some autonomy and freedom with touch screens

tactil sreen touch

touch screen kiosk

The touch screen kioks: a simple and effective tool

The touch screen kiosk has a simple use, efficient and intuitive, democratized by smartphones among consumers.

The touch screen kiosk allows both to inform the public at all times especially with the use of home terminals but also to facilitate research and user actions in its different approaches.

The touch screens and large format digital signage screens help to immerse consumers in the brand universe and to propose a unique shopping experience when it presents the point of sale.

90% users consider the experience on kiosk, positive


touch screen kiosk performances

Personalized interactive messages

The touch screen kiosk give opportunity to customize your message, adapted for your target, wich respect your corporate brand through various basic templates and media that we develop with you.

The touch screen kiosk is suitable for all types of communication according to your needs, offering great flexibility and considerable time savings in the creation of new posts compared to old media.

The touch screen kiosk find perfectly its place in a store, to give possibility to cutomer to discover your new products and promotional offers related to your business or share simply your news with the public.

They also allow to users to guide them in their administrative steps for example installing an interactive device in hall, thus facilitating their efforts. Or to guide and inform visitors in a museum in providing information in an efficient and fun way.



touch screen

Immediate interaction with tablet

Among the solutions in digital signage in the kiosk we find the famous tablet, close in use of smartphones but fully customizable according to the needs, could propose software and content closer to the needs of your business and your customers. Increasing interaction between company and customer and give the digitizing of your structure and improving the customer experience.


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