Interactive touch kiosk indoor exampleThe Interactive Touch Kiosk is an innovative way in the Digital Signage to provide practical information about the company and their news.

But Touch kioks helps also to bring a modern touch to your reception areas in the same time upgrading your brand image while decreasing the feeling awaited for your audience.

The implementation of Interactive Touch Kiosk can add a new internal communication channel into your structure to communicate better with your target, attract more and guide their decisions.

75% visitors remember a message from a screen against 44% for traditional display


The interactive touch kiosk: an innovative way in communication

In the tourism sector, the Touch kiosk allows at tourists to discover Tourist attractions and cultural sites through a digital interface to facilitate decision-knowledge and information. But this interface cab also help to promote and boost the local economy with digital signage solutions for outdoor. The digital signage solutions providing practical information such as menus and prices at local restaurants, making knowledge of hosting solutions, the display of schedules, prices and content of museums, libraries, theaters and other cultural site.


digital touch kiosk outdoor

An interactive urban solution

The integration of touch kiok in an urban environment also helps revitalize downtowns by attracting young with this kind of new technologies.

The interactive touch kiosk give the possibility to launch an eco-citizen approach to communicate more easily with the public, to share practical information or to alert them. But the installation of Touch kioks allows also to communicate on on the various events planned locally to dynamize communities, town and municipalities.


Boosting its activity through touch totem

In the commercial sector, the interactive touch kiosk helps to revitalize and improve sales, with an impact on customers by attracting them to your store. The installation of touch kiosk in store allows to improve the level of the average basket of your customers by significantly improving it, through visual communication with much more impact.


You can distribute all of your products by the advertising model on your multimedia devices to promote or simply attract the consumer's eye in your store.

67% consumers have a more enjoyable consumer experience thanks to interactive kiosk totem

Broadcasting advertising on tactil kiosk

Broadcasting advertising by digital signage media is a great way to capture the attention of customers in store. The distribution of promotional messages on screen is also an advantageous means of return on investment. Dynamic advertising "DOOH" continues to grow in value providing some financial source for the owner of that media type.

Controlling content to display on your various devices

All messages which being broadcasting on a touch device can be easily managed via a digital signage software dedicated to the creation and management of the broadcasts of different kind of content. It's therefore possible to be flexible in the broadcast messages by changing the content based on the time and location of different digital signage devices.

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