Titan logo digital signage softwareWe have developed an online solution which allows you to create, manage and distribute your content to your screens. Our digital signage software TITAN benefits regularly of many updates (improvement of existing modules, new features, etc.).

digital signage solution for displayingOur solution specialized in Digital Signage give you the possibility to communicate more easily with your audience thanks to screens, touch screen kiosk and touch totem. We operate in all sectors, whether in shops and stores, supermarkets and hypermarkets with screen advertising in communities and towns that wish to enhance and develop local tourism in the transport sector and to facilitate the course and the inquiry travelers with a digital display signage but also with information screens to improve business communication to customers, employees and collaborators


TITAN digital signage software solution

Broadcasting original content quickly and esaily

With our solution and our expertise in software design and signage, we developed TITAN whose content is distributed through a player that supports the distribution of the flow of data to the screen.

Our software lets you easily configure and distribute all types of media formats on different digital devices installed (screens, kiosks, ...). Whether simple slideshow pictures in the video through the most animated content, our digital signage software integrates all possible content and is regularly updated to incorporate new. You can also stream content as local weather, horoscopes or another through our TITAN solution. It is to date one of the best video broadcasting software on the market.



Create your own content or let us do

Our solution TITAN, integrates numerous templates (easily customizable content models) to match your message to your business. If you do not have time or looking for inspiration to create your content, you can outsource this task us by entrusting the work of editorial content.

how work digital signage?


TITAN Presentation

Custom templates

Our team works with you, create different templates for your business. Templates are jointly develop with your corporate branding, your tastes and your business. Each customer get unique templates but can still be customized later. They can be customized according to changes that the client can meet in terms of traffic while adapting quickly according to customer or according to his tastes quickly and independently. You can also easily import any kind of files such as photos to customize your content and increase the attractiveness of your messages.

display on screens

Broadcast management

Titan working for digital signageTITAN fully installed in SaaS not to hinder your computer system to control the distribution of your messages on different screens. You can control each screen in the order of distribution of your different content and the diffusion time through various integrated timelines. TITAN also allows to remotely control various communication media with a timer that gives access to hours ignition devices that can switch off at preset times.

Choose the screens where messages are broadcasted

It is possible with thid software to create drop-down headbands as breaking news or important events, broadcasted on the screens of their choice which compose its entire distribution network and in a very short time. The drop banners are quickly edited and distributed through the intuitive interface of TITAN software.

import external dataImporting external data


TITAN makes it easy to integrate RSS data stream to broadcast news or other websites content as press sites, blogs or content from your various social networks. You can also import Excel CSV files with different messages which will integrate automatically in dedicated locations on the interactive device.

LEI pictoA complete database for tourist offices


TITAN software incorporates a comprehensive database from the tourism sector, giving at any responsibility for this sector to get information and news is going around and enrich its own database to deliver interesting content to the public. The content of this database concerns both regionally and nationally events and provides significant time savings in the enrichment of messages a tourist establishment broadcasts.

formats compatibilityCompatibility with many formats


TITAN includes all the codecs and audio formats, video and images, which allows to make compatible all posts and spread over different communication device. In addition, many codecs and formats are regularly updated to ensure full compatibility with the software interface.

analyzing of campaignAnalyze your campaigns


You can analyze your statistics like for example the broadcasted messages on your various devices and cross them with other data such as your sales or traffic into your stores and places which welcome to see which campaigns are both the most successful and become more efficient.

video editingVideo Editing


Our digital signage solution manages the distribution of different videos according to the time wanted, by starting or ending video to the desired location according to the time of viewing. Video editing allows among others to desing it to give it a personalized style.

support for digital signage projectA support throughout your project


Our team of technicians maintains this software with various updates to the TITAN solution and with a monitoring of equipment installed. Our team handles all the installation but she is also very reactive in case of breakdown or failure of equipment. Furthermore our team assists you in learning of the software with the establishment of training.

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