TV Tools, a content management solution in digital signage to the information service.

TV Tools DesignerTV Tools: Media broadcast solution for all sectors

The solution TV tools is suitable for all sectors. Tvtools gives at any venue to have its own digital signage solution . Whether administrations, banks, conference rooms, companies or sectors of health and eduction, the digital signage solution Tvtools can communicate with people to guide into host structure or to send them any kind of information and announcements.

A visual interactive solution

TV tools fits into all projects, particularly in digital distribution device. The applications fields offered by Tvtools can opportunity to communicate on simple television screens, kiosks or from touch screen. The integration of different interactive content or not are supported by Tvtools solution to perfectly adapt message to a device.

Creation and formatting of content

A content creation module

The digital signage solution Tvtools integrates a content creation module. His unit Designer TV Tools is a tool for managing all image formats, animation and video files and also provides the ability to manage both internal visual resources and resources from the Internet.

Many templates integrated

This software for digital signage provides access to many predefined templates. These templates, could be customized as required. The TV Tools module also creates entirely its own graphics templates for a total customization of content.

The management of many files

Tvtools helps to support different file types. The data used by Tvtools can be stored locally, be accessible from a network share or by transfer from a simple URL. Tvtools supports many files : text files, any kind of picture files, calendars (Goole Calendar, iCalendar, ...), Excel files, RSS feeds, Access and SQL data bases, XML and other files.

Interface TVT SchedulerProgramming your broadcasts

This solution for digital signage includes another module, the TVT Scheduler . This module allows  to planning and managing content on a timeline associated with a calendar. This module works with a simple "drag and drop" content into the interface providing a simple, fast and intuitive user experience


Broadcast stations management

The TV tools interface allows to send messages on all communication devices. The dissemination of the same message can be instantly on all screens or sparingly to broadcast different messages on different screens.


The Room Booking feature

The TV Tools solution allowes to broadcast the planning of meeting rooms and to administer the broadcasting of different message for each room. So it's possible to broadcast a specific message in a room for a targeted audience.

Tv Tools Interface Rights and authorizations administration

Tvtools allows to create and manage different user profiles. The management of new users is done with simply creating  with a username and password. A prioritization of different profiles is integrated with the administration of rights, giving at the moderator possibility to manage the rights and permissions created for different profiles.

Technical characteristics of Tv Tools

The TvTools technology is built on the use of a player, linking between the user's screen and screens intended for broadcast. The player of TV Tools, connected to the Internet, broadcasts the content by the network with secure protocols https.

The connection to the Internet network allows to the user to control the dissemination of messages from any interface connected to the Internet (computer, mobile, tablet) and thus manage all communication devices.

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