Kit Digital Signage, an increasingly popular management solution

Kit Digital Signage enables design, management, storage and distribution of multimedia messages to all digital communication devices. This solution has integrated others digital signage solutions as Kewego.

Kit Digital Signage SolutionCreating intuitive visuals

Kit Digital Signage includes modules for creating templates and visual graphics to boost the impact of broadcasted messages. The creation of modules enable  at anyone to create visual design in accordance with its graphic and its brand.

Messages broadcasting control

A timeline control for managing time messages

Kit Digital includes a broadcast module which allows to program intuitively and quickly the different messages and elements that you want to broadcast. The Kit Digital interface is deliberately intuitive to allow at everyone to use easily this program and create a list of messages to broadcast.

A geospatial management of elements to broadcast

The solution for digital signage Kit Digital, allows to manage the different devices which receive the selected messages. It is possible to manage goe-spatially the different sources. The user can program a set of messages to distribute on all digital signage devices or otherwise disseminate messages on several screens.

KSE Digital Signage InterfaceControl of the media and users in real-time

The control of the various media to broadcast is accessible from any web browser. So, it is possible to access at all broadcast areas and messages which will send in real time from Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, ... The various features of controls are adjusted according to user rights.

Outsourcing Platform

Kit Digital Signage offers the possibility to outsource the management of content such as videos or created content. Outsourcing is in SaaS, that is to say that the platform is not hosted by your machine or your servers, but by the servers Kit Digital Signage.

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