75% Visitors remember a communication on screen.

The communication on screen reduces the feeling of waiting for your visitors to 20%.

They enliven the reception areas and contribute to offering their a modern atmosphere.
- Oriente your employees in the company.
- Inform your employees about your business and current events.
- Transmits a modern and innovative image to your customers

digital signage screen

External communication

Our screens installed in the unit or network in your organization gives you many possibilities. If you are a store, installed in astation with a large passenger traffic or in a major infrastructure like a stadium, our solution in the screens allow you to boost your communication, attract more and convert your target with your practical information and your promotions.

For example, the screens used to facilitate traffic of tourists in lobbies.

78% of respondents find that advertising on screen captures attention
75% visitors remember a communication on screen
91% of respondents find that it transmits modernity and innovation
83% found that attract attention


But the screens also allow energize the urban ecosystem by disseminating information like possible exits around.

digital signage screen network

Internal Communication

The internal screen communication to quickly renew messages in real-time.

Communication by screens gives you advantage of flexibility in management and supply of your products tha you offer to your customers by distributing the products, you can offer them products when traffic time is highly. To offer you the possibility to  improve your sales, improve your marketing actions in real time and significantly improving your turnover.

Furthermore the communication on screen in a shop for example can significantly improve the customer experience.

29% customers say they leave a store to that of a competitor if the wait is too long

In terms of experience shop, customers feel that advertising on screens decreases the waiting sensation of 20% and that advertising plays a prescribing role when a product is chosen for 27% of them. The improvement in customer experience in store increase the conversion rate and the profitability of your investment.

+ 400% increase the average basket in the queue due to the dynamic display.

79% of respondents find that the dynamic display decreases the waiting sensation

In a more organizational structure, the display screen reflect a modern and innovative brand..

The screen networks used to guide your employees, your customers, reduce their sense of waiting in the lobby, informs them about your business and current affairs and offer opportunity to communicate more easily with your employees.


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