Graphic Creation

tv programms creationAccording to your desires and needs, our multimedia editorial team is there to advise and support you.

We have content to enrich your infographic newspaper as weather, daily horoscope, quote of the day, the TV program or movie releases with trailers.
In addition of the hardware installation, we ensure the creation of editorial content and monitoring your dynamic display. We think that the success of a digital signage solution through by quality content, regularly updated.

We also propose the creation of any graphic for your media support, in adequacy with your brand and respecting your graphic charter. You can opt for different display formats :

icone desktopThe horizontal format to effectively disseminate your business television.
icon vertical screenThe vertical format to take advantage of the strengths of the traditional display.

Formatting and managing contents

We offer the content formatting to display on your various communication ways with Kewego or TvToools for example . From your textual and image content, we adapt and design your messages so that they are properly disseminated. Video files provided to us is encrypted and configured for optimal viewing with a configuration of broadcast schedules so that your messages are distributed to different hours provided for this purpose.

Partial or total content management

Managing your content can be done entirely by us, writing, with a content formatting and integrating them directly in the broadcast stream. the good content management can also be done partially by us with a management of modules with for example the updating of the horoscope to broadcast ,the day's weather or movies currently in cinemas.

Installation and maintenance


Since 20 years, our technicians have always given complete satisfaction to our customers.

Since 20 years, our technicians have always given complete satisfaction to our customers.

Our team of technicians ensures the implementation and installation of your products. We are  installer and integrator. Your equipment is checked before installation and installed as soon as possible.

As regards monitoring of your equipment, we offer a maintenance contract with immediate guarantees support on business days. At the end of a diagnosis by one of our professionals, we are able to repair your hardware in 48 hours.

In case of technical problem, our hotline service and technical assistance is available to answer you as soon as possible. Our technicians are in the ability to work remotely.


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