The reference of Broadcast video calibration integrates now powerful tools in audio editing and post-production.

Blackmagic design Davinci resolve video editing workstation

The Davinci Resolve video editing workstation supports a large number of medias, files types, post-production formats and compatible with a lot of post-production softwares.

The DAVINCI software supports SD - HD - UHD and 4K medias and the most popular camera formats, such as Cinema DNG RAW, ARRI AlexaTM RAW, RED, Canon or Sony.

One of special features of Blackmagic Davinci Resolve is natively compatible with ProRed, DNx, H.264, DPX, Cineon, EXR, etc.

Davinci Resolve provides a full compatibility to import projects via XML, EDL and AAF and exports the different files to others video editing workstations such as Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, Media Composer and ProTools without additional settings.




Blackmagic Design - Davinci Resolve video editing workstation interface

An editing interface has never been more adapted to the user's choice:

DaVinci Resolve enables you to create your own bins to organize the different elements of a project. These bins can be organized automatically with sorting, according to the video file metadata. These bins can also be managed simultaneously by several people or a single person by opening them at the same time.




blackmagic davinci resolve works on video plans

Quality Plans fittings

A large number of connecting tools

The DaVinci Resolve video editing workstation includes more fitting tools than any other video editing workstation. DaVinci Resolve manages automatically tools such as ripple, roll, slip or slide cropping based on the mouse position on the screen. It is therefore easy to make chords by JKL keys, asymmetrical connectors, but also to manipulate several stage at the same time or to make connections during the looping of a video in real time.

da vinci resolve software

Audio Display

A revolutionary way to navigate through clips

The software developped by Blackmagic Design integrates an audio waveform viewer in the video clips. This viewer enables you to visualize both the audio wave and the video clip, making it possible to gain efficiency in locating the sound intensities, silences and all audio sources present in the video.

blackmagic resolve solution

Multicamera editing

Editing different angles of view in real time.

Visualize 2, 4, 9 or 16 viewing angles simultaneously to create your video compilation with the multicamera function. It enable to synchronize angles of view of differents cameras according to their timecode, inputs and outputs of audio sources. DaVinci Resolve recognizes in and out points of cameras and uses metadatas to organize angles views and rename files. You can also calibrate all your angles views together.


blackmagic design resolve

Using the bins

Organize your sequences manually or automatically

You have the choice to create your own bin to organize the clips according to your needs, or to use the intelligent bins for that the clips are sorted automatically according to their metadata. Now, each bin opens it in own window to be visible in the blink of an eye. The new function "locking" enable at a team member to organize the clips in a bin while an editor is working on the timeline of another bin.

effect Plug-ins on blackmagic

Effect plug-ins

Add generators, transitions and filters to your clips!

A wide range of plug-ins gives at DaVinci Resolve an infinite possibilities for users of video editing workstation, to create unique rendering with the availability of mosaïc, blur, flare or grain filters.

speed effect

Speed effect

Change the speed of clips to create exceptional effect!

Create easily constant or variable effect changes in your videos. You can choose to adjust your digital interpolation settings in Optical flow, Frame blend or Nearest!


video editing workstation


Timeline curve editor

Keyframes and timeline editor

DaVinci Resolve is the only non-linear video editig workstation based on keyframes and a curve editor. This construction of the software around these elements enable a visualization of the informations relative of each clip.

The Keyframes can be copied, pasted, and moved into different groups and modified as needed.

davinci resolve software


New tools to quickly finalize your projects

Porfessional editors have now access at conformation options that enable to easily convert timelines into high-resolution media. The new "locking" tool avoids to moving timelines accidentally and improves compatibility of AAF files with Media Composer software.

management of views

management of views VFX

Manage VFX Shooting

The only non-linear video editing workstation which also manages the VFX

DaVinci Resolve simplifies greatly the VFX workflow and has put VFX integration at the heart of its development. Its possible to export VFX pictures to the desired location. Each time a new file is addes, DaVinci Resolve increments the number of the outlet for that your timeline is always up to date.

The DaVinci Resolve solution allows to export and to compile these video editing in an adapted format to your production workflow

export and import video platform

Export options

Export to the platform of your choice

DaVinci Resolve allows you to send timelines, parts of the timeline or individual clips for mastering or sharing to other applications. The Export presets make file preparation for the web or for other applications faster, but you can also create your own presets. DaVinci Resolve allows to create DCP files for cinematographic exploitation or for tape mastering.

video editing workstation Davinci resolve

Render Queue

Perform operations together or send the render to another workstation

The video editing workstation allows processing of different operations using rendering queuing. This functionality is all the simpler, just by clicking the "Add to Render Queue" button and then starting the processing operations. With network access via DaVinci Resolve Studio, it is possible to send renders to another workstation to continue working on other jobs.


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