video editing workstation Adobe - Premiere Pro CC

Accelerate the editing by using highly intuitive tools

Ride freely in a new and extremly intiuitive interface. With its range of user-friendly tools that make you enjoy a highly accurate workflow controlled from the keyboard. The flexible and optimized audio track with the workflow management and the real time effects, give you the best conditions for your tasks.




Flexible and optimized audio tracks

picto audio trackFreely associate mono and stereo elements. For feed advanced audio production, multichannel main track and the types of adaptive track ensures great flexibility in routing audio and facilitate export to multichannel files.

Enjoy amazing performance

picto performance video editing workstationEasily manage the most demanding with the playback engine 64-bit Adobe Mercury scalable projects. also get GPU acceleration, increased processing speed and the unprecedented integration between Adobe Premiere Pro and I /O devices.

video editing with Adobe-Premiere Pro CC

Increase efficiency with powerful editing functions

Be more productive with advanced fitting tools, multi-camera sequences at  in and out points defined, to thumbnails items directly viewable in the Project panel.

Adobe-Premiere Pro CC formats

Support for latest cameras

Handle natively formats with the latest cameras. The native support allows instant editing, without transcoding or rewrapping.

multi video editing with Adobe-Premiere Pro CC

Extended multicam editing

Mount your sequences as simply the world, regardless of the number of cameras used for filming. Synchronize items using the time code, go from one track to another in real time and adjust the colors of several levels at once.

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