Specialized in television equipments and realization of websites, HDR Communications is at the convergence of these two worlds. It is natural that we have developed portal engines and VOD platforms or high performance WebTVs.

Today the video has become indispensable among the most popular medias

Video has become one of the most effective media in recent years registering very powerful statistical data visualization, recording the message by the people and in their commitment rate.

Many opportunities with video

webtv and streaming video

The video has many applications, it allows :

  • Present your company films
  • Bring another dimension to your marketing explanations
  • Communicate with your market
  • Support your training and e-learning programs.
  • Promote events
  • Introduce your latest balance sheets of shares, company statistics…

Internet users increasingly interested in this format

The video is now increasingly used on the internet especially on social networks that continue to integrate this format to all of their applications, the level of using by Internet users did not stop to increase making various publications increasingly relevant.

alsace 20 and vosgestv webtv and vod

Solutions developped according to your needs

Driven by the interest of viewers for video, then you can distribute your various video contents directly on your website or video portals designed to expose audiovisual programs.

Our management tools and video encoding processes offer the simple but efficient, respecting the bandwidth of the system. Interfaced or not with your archiving tools, you can control the distribution of your videos online at any time. We can support your projects in their globality: the realization of your video contents to broadcast on VOD (Video On Demand) through broadcast live streaming events.



Videos accesible to as many

VOD workingTo publish your medias, we offer the best established technology and constantly evolving from the expectations and constraints from the web in order to offer high quality videos of users in the best possible quality with reactive media opportunities.

Videos referenced and accessible in Search Engine

With our engines Video SEO, you are referenced media contents on various search engines including Google, for easy retrieval but also allow them to be seen by the greatest number. You can also view the generalist VOD portals of our catalog: visibility is not a problem!

Streaming Video Live

For any event, we can intervene to provide such live delivery of your live event, with the recording of audio and video streams. The encoding is done directly with the file sprocessions for a live broadcasting on all medias (giant screen, website, ...).

Our technical team can chapter your video, allowing access live in distinct parts of your audiovisual project.

finally our resources enable archiving video content by providing the storage space on our dedicated servers. The backup is the last daily basis, ensuring the safety of the project.

Go "social" event with a dedicated chat

If you wish, we can offer you to chat with your partner. The questions asked by users will be grouped in a space moderation.

After validation, you can upload the question asked by the Internet. So, the caller can answer directly.


Creation and Videobroadcast on your WebTV


The video format is increasingly popular with an increase in website traffic and on other platforms that integrate this format in their web content and strategy. With the popularity of this type of media, our agency expert in video and broadcast world but also in the development of Internet solutions is able to offer solutions.

With this, we provide production, integration, hosting and good distribution of video contents through our video portal, our WEB solution customizable and integrated TV at each site to have a new device of traffic for your website. Our technical expertise in the audiovisual sector for a good management of audio and video and bandwidth to ensure good distribution of your web content on your TV or on VOD portal


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