When HDR Communications supports your project, we work together from design to training: We implement customized support to best respond your expectations while maximizing your time.

A dedicated team throughout your project
Our team and our design department are ready from beginning to project end. During the design, we can intervene on organizing your office, your teams and your scheduling. logo icone equipe de trois personnesWe provide our know-how and expertise on local TV that we have acquired more than 15 years.

Technical expertise at your service

Service and manpower in broadcast picture

We also advise you on the appropriate equipment according to your budget while providing technical performance close to your needs. For that, we distribute and install only the audiovisual and broadcast known brands that we have selected. Certainly, the range of manufacturers is becoming wider with features look like sometimes similar characteristics, sometimes very differents, depending on the hardware, but our experience and technology watch allows you to enjoy a specific and customized solution.

HDR Communications teams who follow your project after installation of the audiovisual equipment: SAV, training, advice is always performed by our technicians. We take care of your problems or we wonder to build the best project and answer clearly and quickly to any question.

video cutting picto

Audiovisual production and post-production

We are able to propose the creation of audiovisual content for your organization. We begin a strong analysis of your specific needs, your communication visions and your targets you want to achieve.


Our Project Manager delivers you advices and hands you his best recommandations for your project as well as the functions required to achieve it. Our audiovisual production teams ensures shooting your project on time warranting optimal results.

With our dedicated equipment, we provide post-production filming with video editing and encoding in various formats.

Finally, we can allow the distribution of your content on any support, whether on a website or a web TV, our expertise in terms of management of audio, video and web we allow good distribution of content without loss of quality and in the best conditions.


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