Since 1997, WinMedia develops tools for the management and radio and TV stream distribution in France. With 2 subsidiaries in North America and Asia, it distributes and installs its solutions worldwide.

Intuitive traffic channel

Winmedia interface

WinMedia lets you create playlists by time periods or full day, manage to advance shows to record, Tv stops and simplified updating the media library accessible by all contributors of the channel.

You can also create categories, subcategories, custom media and metadata records for MAM. WinMedia allows automatic verification of the files integrity, creating the CJ channel and the broadcast automation.

The software enables advanced management of advertising by train customers, campaigns, specific times, broadcasting conditions. Your playlists can be exported to your composition EPG to provide the Government your mailing reports to Excel or Word format.


Single server for up to 4 simultaneous HD streams, possible outputs in HD, digital and analog SD, including a large number of accepted codecs: WMV - DV - MPEG - MOV - H264 ... Receiving or sending switching orders external IP, RS, dry contact, infrared, simplified redundancy broadcast server, without change over, intelligent management of the media suppression.


SD/HD server


Broadcast Server SD/HD

  • Playback SD - HD - 4:3 - 16:9 interlaced and progressive Media
  • Automatic management of broadcast formats (full screen – letter box – expand…)
  • Overlay fixed or animated logos graphics
  • Managing coming next.



icon server ingest sd/hd


  • Recording manual or automated scheduling
  • Possible input in HD, digital SD or analog SD
  • Recording in MPEG 2 SD/HD ou H264
  • Access to recorded file while recording to a simulcast
  • Simplified scheduling for subsequent retransmission by the broadcast server
Podcast server icon


  • Automatic conversion of your media to publish on the Internet
  • Simplified publishing your media on your website with thumbnails and metadata
  • Export your daily program to the website



Consultation of categories, subcategories and media by a search engine full text
Playing media on the network with moving forward / backward
New Media Intelligence for integration with MAM.





Synchronized laptop with the base WinMedia
Simplified management quotes, reservations, advertising space validations and billing
customer account management, pricing, discounts, campaigns, programming in real time.


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