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Video Streaming Server multiformat

Condensed the best of digital technology, the Broadcast Manager solution is a server "Native DV, SD or HD H264." On a minimum capacity of 40 hours storage in H264 (video format "HD" digital recognized term "quality / speed"), it is equipped with an automation software integrates CJ overlay functionalities and scheluding.


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Drop and dynamic background Bands

To enrich your programs, Broadcast Manager can animate your screen in real time through the video overlay. So you can spread messages like weather alerts, update informations, stock exchange quotes ... through independent drop headbands, updated automatically.

You can also generate overlay pages overlay on the final video (computer graphics, digital video, video, live video ...): a fixed or animated logo, clock, titles ... All this at a very competitive price.


Vous pouvez également générer des pages d'incrustation qui se superposent à la vidéo finale quelle qu'elle soit (infographie, vidéo numérisée, magnétoscope, vidéo live...) : un logo fixe ou animé, une horloge, des titres... Tout cela à un prix très compétitif.


Broadcast Manager software solution broadcast

The overlay module and trim

  • Inserting unlimited text or image areas ;
  • Scrolling messages horizontally or vertically;
  • Size, color and configurable speed ;
  • Dynamic display 32 bits (real-time transparency) ;
  • Automatic update information (stock exchange, weather...) ;
  • Multiple transition effects (high, revealed, shutters, melted...) ;
  • Remote hand-making tool for live display ;
  • Temporal programming elements to be overlayed ;
  • Definition multizone with windowing video


screen in living room

Your infographic comes necessary

Broadcast Manager provides the ability to improve visual quality and boost your infographic programs, through real-time management of your pictures 32 bits, anti-aliasing for text and pictures, choosing animation 2D or 3D ...

Our platform is multi-formats, you can still create your graphics with your usual tools (Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash ...)


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