Tricaster, ultimate multimedia mixer 

Tricaster multi camera production

A range of powerful solutions all in one offering multiple possibilities in the mix from many video, audio and computer devices, launch media playback, the ability to live the overlay, to record in HD and stream live on the Internet.
The video mixer TriCaster allows among others to have based multi-camera switching, from one camera to another simply and seamlessly to cover the action from all angles. The streaming function video mixer advertises its program directly to the web to reach a wider audience on various mobile devices.

The HD recording facilitates the post-production work by recording directly the product contained live in high definition.
Your audiovisual content are customizable through an effects generator, animated transitions ... .fixed or animated titles, important information and logos.

Classic studios or virtual studios

Finally, the system is compatible with TriCaster Virtual Set Editor. A virtual set of management software to design customized television set or a holographic decor 360 ° around your speakers from a background and a small turning space. This feature allows you to make your much more dramatic, impactful and credible presentations to your audience.
The features of the last video mixer TriCaster is to manage in real time the different views of the holographic decor while retaining a perfect integration of people and furniture to give a fluidity in viewing the scene.

More Informations about Virtual Set Editor


Black Magic, in favor of video professionnals

black magic mixer

Offering mixers videos professional quality at an affordable price, the Blackmagic Design brand has become essential when budgets are tight. Blackmagic Design integrates into its products all that is essential to a compact board.

SD and HD inputs, still pictures and memories of short animations, transition effects and professional visualization mosaics. The clear advantage is to control the world through his computer or a real desk Broadcast .


His latest production mixer toggles between standard SD video, HD 720p, 1080i, 1080p and Ultra HD, for performing live quality productions. You can produce and broadcast content directly on large screens without any effort, the mixer does the rest. It allows the chromakey, a media library and more. It also offers type of transitions Stinger and provided until 20 inputs and 6 auxiliary outputs.


Panasonic, the experience of a major manufacturer 

Panasonic AV-HS6000 video mixer

Company in constant products evolution attract many TV production companies thanks to its compactness and its relatively cheap price to ensure the multi-camera live video capture of corporate or musical events. The Panasonic video mixer incorporates all the features needed for video control. Its latest model, the AV-HS6000 incorporates a new control panel with integrated graphical interface facilitating creativity in the production of videos for example to create transition effects. The video production is particularly facilitated the Panasonic video mixer by having a storage capacity for 81 picture memories and video clips which can be viewed and managed directly from the control console.

Video mixer Panasonic AV-HS6000 features

  • 32 inputs (2 x DVI) and 16 outputs SDI; Integrated video synchronization for all inputs
  • Color correction on 8 inputs and 4 outputs
  • Up conversion of 4 inputs and down conversion of 2 outputs
  • 4 DVE and 2 DVE 2D by ME to manage backgrounds and keys
  • MIX transitions equipment on the AUX bus 1 to 4.
  • Real-time color overlay high quality up, based on algorithms Primatte® 1 default path to 4 possible ways
  • 4 keyers by ME with PinP functionality
  • 4 upstreams keyers and 4 downstream keyers
  • 4 independent MultiViewer 
  • One multiview can display up to 16 video devices.
  • Option to display the names of the devices, meters, sound levels and safety markers
  • Taking memory, event, or macro to save and reuse the most common effects.
  • Recording video clips and still pictures on four channels each for easy use in wipes.
  • Mixer configuration via the touch screen type 10,1 AV-HS60C3G (optional) or via PC and USB mouse
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