HDR Communications is able to provide, install, train and help on a range of communication tools for corporate markets and institutions to facilitate the decision making.

Corporate audiovisual equipment 

For retransmission, broadcasting and recording of various meetings and councils, we are able to intervene to provide and install the best equipment for Corporate rooms according to your budget and technical constraints.

Meeting rooms installation

Making meeting rooms 

Whether you are a company, community or any other organization, our expertise allows us to offer solutions improving your managerial organization. The installation of audiovisual equipment, like screens allows you to make your presentations more impactful with better care of your employees and your customers while bringing a dynamic and seduction during your speeches.

Installation of high resolution projectors and freeze you from the physical constraints of the various supports while ensuring the achievement of your objectives by bringing connectivity and support for differently presentation files.

Classroom Installation

We don't make installation only in companies or institutions but we work also in the education sector.
In classroom, we make the installation of video projector, microphones and other equipment which could upgrade learning conditions for students and upgrade working conditions of teachers.

With the installation of audiovisual material, a school can use the new forms of learning, with for example the creation of MOOC and e-learning videos.

Setting up videoconferencing 

The Visioconferencing or Videoconferencing is one more -communication ways being used by organizations today.

videoconferencing installation

It allows you to organize business meetings, conferences, MOOC or meetings while reducing the contraints and cost related to the distance that could be created without this solution.

Videoconferencing improves employee collaboration and optimize conference rooms by improving efficiency and productivity using such solutions.

The different video streams transmitted are HD quality and encrypted to prevent any misusing of different streams and ensure the protection of data transmitted.


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