winmedia archiveIt is a powerful and easy-access catalog, based on the latest SQL database technology.

The solutions proposed by WinMedia in the archiving and indexing domain allow the management of all types of multimedia content including audio and Video . A third-party archiving system including tight integration ensures automatic control of magnetic tape libraries with the ability to easily access your files wherever you are.

Outsourcing archives solution for all structures

The outsourcing of the archive storage by Winmedia allows any type of structure an size needing, to have an efficient and accessible archive system. WinMedia capabilities enable small organizations do not have the technical capacity to store all of their files, to have an efficient solution, comparable to structures with greater resources.

A simplified files administration

MAM hosted on one or more servers enables intuitive multi-criteria researches, effective organization of files by "drag /drop", property titles display, dissemination, time restrictions.
The file classification is based on a SQL search engine, facilitating the classification of these. Customizable metadata criteria are available to all contributors enabling them to add a multitude of criteria and classification rules, publication, dissemination backup, some made of the nature of audiovisual content.

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