Shandra softwareArchiving Hypertext and Digitalization Systems for Audiovisual Resources
Shandra is a flexible platform for digitalization, annotation, management and storage of pictures and audiovisual collections.

The system Shandra offers a complete solution making it possible for companies to have a system to centralize, share and view audio files, pictures and videos and post them on internal solutions to the business such as intranet or for a wider audience via a web portal. Shandra allows the management of multiple formats and extensions through its media library. The management of video files , Still pictures, PDF(Adobe Acrobat), PPT(Microsoft PowerPoint), (pictures, logos, maps, etc.).


Shandra digitalization picto Digitalization

The digitization of different multimedia files is from one or more recorders via technical standard RS 422 also known as TIA / EIA 422 and DV while involving a digitalization station that will generate in one way two same files in different quality. The first will be generated in high resolution for the reusing and fil sustainability in time. The other low-definition MPEG 4 format for using in local and remote.

shandra files indexingIndexing

The Media digitized can be controlled and can received a number of indexing informations that feeds a database. Shandra allows segmentation and files indexing imported but also annotations and cataloging whatever types of embedded files.

Shandra duplication filesDuplication

After digitalized files and according to customer demand, the media broadcast is made available on an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and HTTP for sharing files over a TCP / IP network and giving the opportunity to download it from any browser.

The Media Asset Management

Shandra is built around a centralized database, the Media Asset Management, allowing to have ongoing operations visualization tool, supervise them and change them when necessary.
Shandra allows to create and make available a bank of digital works through an open architecture to create, management, operate and share pictures and audiovisual archives. Shandra allows to be complemented by an automation option of encodings that allows, for example, simultaneous recording several TV channels and the immediate availability of subjects or newspapers (after automatic or manual indexing) on an Ethernet network.

The Publication

It builds on an online storage to upload to the media. Users can easily access it by entering queries by integrated search engine. Organized in databases classified by themes and accessible through the net, the media stored for viewing, sequencing or downloading.
Shandra wants easy access with an associated metadata system  and a search engine to help the user to identify and locate a document for consultation and downloading with the creation of a download link with a http integrated.

The solution Shandra has been designed to be as ergonomic as possible by designing a fast and interface control without special knowledge. The user can view all types of audio and video documents locally, in Internet, with the possibility of indexing the subject searched to select only part (TC in-TC out).

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