For several years now, the audiovisual and multimedia landscape of the Antilles has been developing strongly. On the strength of this observation, the Guadeloupe region considered it appropriate to meet this demand for senior technicians by setting up a training institute suitable for audiovisual professions.


The Lycée Pointe Noire has been chosen for its strategic geographical location and the space available for the deployment of materials necessary for the students training. The trainings ares "Métiers de l'image" - "Métiers du Son" - "Techniques d'ingénierie et exploitation des équipements".

A panel of professional and broadcast products has been skilfully selected by the referring professors to correspond to the requirements of the national referential of the BTS and HDR Communications was chosen to pre-integrate, install and train the teaching team on these equipments.

An almost 100 m² TV studio equipped with a 1-sided cyclorama with 2 motorized grills as well as a dozen self-powered bars also allow students to deploy all lighting technologies (over 120 tungsten, fluorescent or LED projectors are available). The special feature of this installation is the presence of an innovative electrical patch on a secured electrical cabinet giving students the option of choosing option the power and type of distribution (16 A single-phase - 32 A single-phase - 32 A three-phases) that they want on each line of grills. To animate the lighting plan, a GRAND MA DOT2 XLF gives the flexibility required to automate, memorize and recall the configurations made.

A FULL HD mobile control system in flight cases features all new technologies: shoulder cameras and FULL HD shoulder cameras in triax or fiber optic connection with remote CCU and RCP equipped with color OLED screens. A FULL HD 2 bar SONY switcher with 32 inputs and 16 outputs, an analog and digital audio and video router of 128 passing points, a FULL HD EVS 6 channels slow motion machine manage a large number of codecs (DVCPRO - AVC INTRA - DNxHD - ProRes - IMX - MJPEG - VC3), fiber optic or card 3G/4G card links to create duplicates between teams ENG and mobile control and all the glue needed to convert, embed, multiplex, distribute or normalize all these signals.

The control and verification of the signal was not forgotten thanks to real-time colorimetric correctors, digital and analog oscillo-vectorscopes IMAGINE COMMUNICATIONS with eye-chart control, OLED reference monitors Grade 1 SONY, lens meter, spot meter, thermocolorimeter and sound level meter with R128 meter.

Future sound engineers also learn about current technologies through DANTE protocol exchanges, 8 YAMAHA mixers, some with 64 inputs and 16 outputs, dynamic microphones, mono or stereo electrostatic (ORTF or AB couples), Dolby E encoders and decoders and a GENELEC 5.1 listen. The Intercom links between the different working environments are done by a 32 ports ZEUS III array.

More than a dozen shoulder, semi-shoulder and compact camcorders as well as DSLRs allow students to understand the shooting units and their specific constraints. All are equipped with mixers, poles, directional microphones or tie microphone to be autonomous in any situation. A steadycam, a tracking of more than 10 m and a crane also give skills to the students related to the machinery.

The professors are in close contact with the technical platform of HDR Communications in order to answer the questions encountered each day. This deployment started in October 2015 is only part of the RFP awarded by HDR Communications. The control room as well as the Nodal will be the occupation of the second part of 2016.


Région Guadeloupe
Equipping a training institution appropriate for audiovisual professions
Pre-integration, installation and training of the teaching team on new equipment
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