Butachimie, the jewel of the nylon industry in the world, relies historically on the keywords “Quality, Safety and Environment”. To achieve its goals and tend a little more towards the “smart factory” - or “usine 4.0” - Butachimie company addressed HDR Communications to set up innovative and dynamic display tools for their collaborators.


In order to replace the traditional paper billboards, our teams accompanied Butachimie through all the steps with as main objectives : to boost and value internal communication but also strengthen the involvement between the company and its associates.

From the reflection and study on the digital communication supports, to the setting up of screens and broadcasting in strategic places (transition areas, break areas for employees...) have been necessary.

Now 8 screens broadcast on the whole site :

  • Informations
  • Safety rules and prevention
  • Welcome messages to newcomers
  • HR Information
  • Key dates for events
  • Works council (CE)
  • Weather of the geographical areas
  • News feeds linked to national and regional dailies (quick and easy installation of photos, videos, targeted information, internal messages, RSS feeds…)

With flexibility, the various departments can now communicate directly and quickly with employees via their online platform that centralizes all the needs of the communication department.

This tool is modern which helps us stand out from the competition and allows you to convey a innovation message always present in the DNA of Butachimie.

HDR Communications has allowed Butachimie to be more attractive through TITAN. Indeed, this digital signage management software has been developed to allow to createmanage and broadcast your content on your screens.

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